Bon Vivant Consignments - Items tagged as "Splash of color"

View all $40 1700s 1800s abstract accent accent chair accent shelf acid affordable affordable furniture african art air plant ambiance amish anatomy ancient andirons angular antique Antique Lamp Antique Oil Lamp apartment arm chair armchair art art glass art table artisan artisan crafted artistic artwork Asheville asheville NC Asian bake baked goods Bar Barn barn decor base basket beads beautiful bedroom bedside table bedstand beech belgian belgium Biltmore Biltmore Village bird cage bird house bird lover Birds Black black mountain blanket rack blood orange Blown Glass blue ridge Boho Bombay bon vivant bonfire bonvivant Book book case book shelf book stand bookcase Bookshelf bottle holder brass brass bronze british british accent bulb Bungalow c cabin cabin life Cabinet cabriole Candelabra Candle candle holder candle\candlestick canvas canvas print canvase carved Cast Iron center ceramic chair Chairs champaign Cheap cheap furniture chef Chest Chestnut childhood childhoos Children's Chippy christmas chrome claw foot clawfoot clock Closet clothes clothes hook Clothing clothing rack clothing storage coat rack Coffee Coffee Table collapsable Collapse Collapsible collectible color colorful comfort comfy consignment Console contempoary cook Cooking cottage couch Country Home cozy crackled Craft credenza crock crystal curved cut cut crystasl danish decor decoratio Decoration decorative Deer deer head deer lover desert design Designer Dining display display case display shelf Dog dogs Dresser Dressor drying rack dutch earthen ebay ecommerce Egyptian elephant elephant chair Empty Frame end table Entertainment entertainment center Entryway estate etch etched etching event planner Expanding fake plant fan art Fancy fantastic mr. fox farm farm house farm tools farmer Farmhouse faux feng shui fermenting field fine arts fire fire-side fireplace fireplace side floor lamp floor table floorlamp Floral flower flower anatomy flower art fluffy Folding fox fox love foxes frame framed framed art frank lloyd frank lloyd wright fur Furnishing Furnishings furniture gallery game gaming gardener geese Gentleman genuine geometric gift gilded glass glass door glass top glorious gold gold flakes gold-leaf goldleaf goose gothic green hand-carved hand-made Handcrafted Handmade hanger Heavy herb shelf high quality high scale hipster Holder holiday home hook Horse horse buggy horse farm Hotel house howdah huge humane impressionist India Indian industrial ink well inkwell interior interior decor interior design interiors internals iron iron base japanese Japanese Art japanese-style jazz era kitchen lamo lamp lamp shade lamps laquered Large laundry laundry rack leaf lifestyle Light light box Light Wood Lighting lights lit living room living room table local log holder logs lovebirds low table magazine maiden man cave mansion mantle marble marbled matching mcm meditation chair Metal mid century mid century modern Mid-Century mini minimalist Mirror Modern modern home mosaic mount mountains multiple sizes nature Navy Blue NC nesting night stand nightstand no shade north carolina Oak off grid office Oil oil on canvas oil painting old old america old style olden one size online store online thrift store orange original Ornate ottomon paint painted painter Painting pair paper parchment pastorale Patio Patio Decor persian Plant Plant Holder plant stand pointy porch poster potter Pottery potting present Print quill raw reading real art rectangle recycled metal red relax retro rodeo round royalty rural rural life Rustic rustic decor sailing sails Salvaged scalamandre Scandinavian scientific scribe scripture sea seat Seating sesat Shabby Chic shade shapes shelf shell shelves shelving shenandoah ship ship window shiq shique shop online shopping shrinking side Side Table silk simple ski skii skovby Slate slay sleigh sliding doors sofa sofa ottoman soft yellow Solid solid marble splash of color stag stool storage Sturdy Style stylized succulent sun sunshine surround sound Table tables taper Taper Candles tassles taxidermy teak teek television tesselation Ties tiger lily tiles tilework time tool triangle turtle TV two birds two tier Unique upholstered upper class upper end upper scale val saint lambert valley Vase vegan venue very old victorian Victorian Age vintage Vintage Find Wall Wall Art Wall hanging Walnut we ship wealthy weather vane weathervane welathy white marble Wine wine lover wine-o wino WNC Wolid woman Wood Wooden wooden frame woven writer writing wrought iron yellow