Up & Coming Trends of 2018

Up & Coming Trends of 2018

With each new year comes a freshness - like a clean slate or canvas ready to be painted on! In the world of interior design, this means brand new home decor ideas. As we all know, the home is a reflection of you and your unique personality. It is a way to meld your inner experience with the environment that you can call your own. How do you want your friends and family to feel during gatherings? How do you want yourself or your family to feel after a long day of work? This all depends on your vision! 

Out With the Old
With that being said, 2017 had a very specific vibe. The design trends of this year featured a mod podge of various ideas pulled together from different eras including the industrial revolution AND the early 1900's. While a little sporadic, it came together to create a surprisingly refined look. This look includes sharp corners, box-like shapes, consistency, and neatness. We would probably call it Modern Industrial. In your friend's apartment you may have observed brass or bronze ceiling lights, plainly colored walls, simple but sparse colorful accents, and prevalent black and white schemes. Let's not forget the extreme minimalism! 

Something New?
Although this was nice while it lasted, 2018 is ready for something else ... some NEW! Based on what many have shown interest in over the past couple of months, experts are getting a glimpse at what the newest trends will be. While there's no distinct name for it yet, we're thinking it'll be a 70's modern with an earthy twist! What should we call this? Let's call it Earthy Late Century. 

This is certainly a unique look. To give you an idea, it seems very similar to the bohemian or gypsy-style home. Here's a list of features that could potentially create the Earthy Late Century look.

  • A lack of sharp edges
  • Curved furniture (especially sofas) 
  • Earth tone colors all around - maroons, deep greens, light browns, and so on.
  • Lot's of PERSONALITY! 
  • 1970's-style artwork
  • Bamboo curtains 
  • Shag carpets and blankets
  • Plants galore
  • Mid-century chandeliers

This is a blend as it incorporates a basic 70's style home with popular modern color schemes. The color trends 60 yeas ago included bright yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. While this was cool at the time, people of today are seeking something a little more mellow and perhaps something that makes them feel closer to nature. 

Furniture & Decor Ideas
We have several pieces that can help you create the up and coming 2018 look. These pieces feature natural curves, earthy colors, colorful accents, and a true 70's look! 

Modern Glass Top Side Table White Base
This modern glass-top table comes with a 70's-style curved base in white. A round glass top in mounted on top. Excellent as a plant stand or couch-side table.
Emerald and Gold Bombay Accent Table
Simple turquoise-blue upcycled console table. Sit flush against a wall with a curve along the front edge. Accented with gold on the feet and the handle. Has some intentional black distress marks along the front edge. In like-new condition.
Moroccan Hanging Lamp Shade
Moroccan-style hanging lamp shade, crafted from brass, copper, and tin. Features etchings throughout and colored glass for the light to shine through. Does not include a light. Works well with a long-corded bulb or large candle. In good condition.
Carlo Nason Floor Lamp, 1970's
This retro floor lamp features a hand-blown white glass body and chrome base. The entire body of the lamp lights up. Designed during the 1970's by Carlo Nason, a mid-century glass expert and designer. In excellent condition.
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