Theme: Minimalism

Theme: Minimalism

There's something incredibly unique about minimalism. Some designers go back and fourth between a minimal interior look and a more full and embodied look. They are two opposite ends of the spectrum, and yet people tend to like one or the other. 

Minimalism is tricky because it can be so...well...plain. There is, however, something special about the look, and that's feng shui - our way of harmonizing with our environment. There are tons of books and articles on this subject, because doing it right can be an exciting challenge! 

One principal of feng shui is: a clear environment = a clear mind. 

Our outer world is often a reflection of our inner world, so having less clutter and disorganization lends itself to a refreshed, happy, and clutter-free mind. This is the biggest reason why people tend to go for a minimalist look in their homes, whether or not they fully understand why! 

Do you want your friends to step into your home and say, "Wow, it feels so GOOD in here!"? The truth is, you probably want to say that when you come home too! 

The question do we make our dwellings minimalist without making them look PLAIN? 

Guide to a Minimalist Home:

  • Have out the essentials - Display only the things you need such as 1 or 2 plate settings, the appliances that you use daily, 1 blanket draped over the couch, and so on.
  • Use light colors - On your walls, white is the all-time favorite of minimalism. You can go a little further and use off-white or very light shades of greens, blues, yellows, or purples on your walls. Floors are the exception if you are using wood paneling. 

These chairs are an excellent example of a wooden accent against white walls and flooring. The dark cherry red color compliments neural very well. 

  • Storage - Having plenty of storage is essential, especially if you have a lot of stuff. If you do tend to collect things, try donating some it. You might find that it actually feels really good! Try to tuck everything neatly away and only keep out only what you use regularly.
  • Use color accents - To make sure your space isn't entirely washed out, utilize little splashes of color here and there, for example, a bouquet of vibrant flowers or a brilliant red photo. These will pop out! 


Notice how the colors look especially vibrant in these photos. The plethora of colors in the bouquet and the quilt particularly stand out against the washed out walls and floors, and the navy blue table compliments these colors.

  • Simplicity - Ultimately, the goal of minimalism is to simplify. Your clean and clear space reflects your clean and clear mind. Want to feel lighter and more liberated? Get rid of things you don't need. Clean regularly. Organize your possessions. You'll feel amazing! 

These framed lace pieces exemplify simplistic art. They would even pair well as a two-piece hanging wall set, especially because they display the dual-nature between plain white and teal green. 

We say, "Go for it!" If you're looking to simplify your life, look forward to going home after a confusing day on the job, feel relaxed and at ease, and impress your friends, then be daring and go for the minimalist look! Trust us, you'll love it and your friends will be asking when they can come to your place next. Maybe they'll bring snacks! 

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