The Future of Paint: How to Save Your Home Design

The Future of Paint: How to Save Your Home Design

It's easy to hop onto Amazon or head over to your neighborhood furniture store while browsing pieces that may end up in your home for a long long time. This is what makes the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture an often long and arduous journey. You're mentally preparing yourself to befriend this ... say ... bullnose solid oak 5-drawer dresser with a caramel finish. You're going to spend quite a lot of time together, you're going to get to know each other ... you're going to bond. So why wouldn't you spend the time in search of the more pristine, glorious piece for your new place? 

There may just be a solution to this issue. Why not make your own dresser? Well ... not create it from scratch, but rather give a pre-loved piece a little more love and a makeover? At Bon Vivant Co., we are all about the three R's: Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing. Many of our items are furniture pieces that were once cast away and now show off a new, unique, and often spunky look. By dusting off your old living room cabinet and pouring a little bit of love into it, an entirely new beast emerges ... for example, your classic Mad Men 1960's golden orange cellarette, now designed for crafting Manhatten elixirs for your Friday night guests. Not to mention ... you've just saved about $300, hours of shopping, AND the environment! Sounds like three birds, one stone. 

One of our vendor's, Tennessee Whimsy, performs the art of furniture paint quite flawlessly. Jennifer uses a particular type of paint called milk paint. Historically it is derived from an ancient home recipe, made from milk for texture and natural materials such as lime for color. The paint that Jennifer uses incorporates limestone, milk protein, clay, and an earth pigment of choice. What makes it such an amazing alternative to commonly used paints is that it is non-toxic so you can avoid dizziness from insane paint fumes. Also, it comes in a powder form so you can mix it with water to achieve your desired consistency.

If you're envisioning a particular style for your furniture piece, milk paint can be played with to create a desired effect from smooth and solid to flaking and vintage. It is an incredibly versatile substance! The image to the left features several items, one of which is a repurposed door that can give your hallway a rustic, farm-like feel. Because it has been attached to a thin shelf, the entire piece is perfect in an entryway as a place to display photos, plants, a mirror, or anything of the like. The image also displays a coat or hat hook in the center as well as a decorative window frame. This vendor uses milk paint for her unique rustic style.  

Not only can you paint and repurpose furniture, but you can do the same to glassware, lamps, kitchen accessories (as shown in the image of Belle Decor's painted mason jars) and more to spruce up your kitchen or dining room! So go ahead and jump in! Get crafty and make yourself something that you will love having in your home.

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Featured Products

Image 1

  • Occasional Table: Hand-painted with General Finishes Milk Paint in "Persian Blue" by Tennessee Whimsy $65 

Image 2

  • Repurposed Door with Shelf: Hand-painted with General Finishes Milk Paint in "Persian Blue" and Chalk Paint in "Kid Gloves" by Tennessee Whimsy $150
  • Wall Hanger: All-Natural Hemp Oil Finish by Tennessee Whimsy $40
  • Vintage Window: Hand-Painted with Sweet Pickins' Milk Paint in "Pantry Door" with All-Natural Hemp Oil Finish by Tennessee Whimsy $45

Image 3

  • Painted Mason Jars: by Belle Decor $5 each or 3 for $12


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