Novel Trends: The Old World Voyager

Novel Trends: The Old World Voyager

We've been looking into different trends that have gained popularity this year. Because Bon Vivant Co. has such a wide & eclectic collection of furniture, collectibles, home decor, & more (and our inventory is always rotating), the variety of trends that we can whip up is never ending. Our people have collectively voted that one trend in particular is absolutely timeless.

We call it: The Old World Voyager.

This style incorporates possessions that you would probably have seen somewhere around the year 1550 - compasses, maps, scrolls, leather bound books, scales, letter openers...Even if you weren't (necessarily) alive during the early years of human civilization, setting up your home in a way that's reminiscent of these times can feel rather nostalgic.

Whether that nostalgia comes from novel movies, museums you visited in adolescence, or your childhood home, we cater to helping you create an environment where you will feel at peace. Maybe you need somewhere to dive deep into your studies and books, or simply a studio where you can work late into the night on your artistic masterpieces or science projects. We've done our best to re-create The Old World Voyager style with our collection of souvenirs. 


The photos above feature two types of corner decor. The first is a pair of two vintage suitcases, a bundle of very loved books with that wonderfully familiar musty old paper scent, a magnifying glass, a safari hat, a Chinese-style fan, and two rolled up scrolls of sheet music. The second photo portrays several of the same items along with an antique entryway table, a leather flask and corked elixir bottle, and a bronze antique globe lamp. 

For a clean & modern but still olden and vintage look, these two set-ups are diverse examples of entry way shelving or a home accent beside your leather living room ottoman. These particular mementos are reminiscent of an old world style - maybe something you would see if you stumbled into a British voyager's at-home office. Upon walking in, you see an enormous wrought iron clock hanging on the wall and a pile of large scrolls with calligraphic writing and hand-drawn amps sprawled out across a sturdy oak table. 

To top off this vintage image, you may find that the room is dimly lit, but there's a slimmer of sunlight peeping in through heavy silken drapes. They are multi-layered and display beautifully dark hues of maroon red, eggshell white, golden yellow, or abundant foliage patterns. These colors perfectly accompany the early-style color scheme of dark brown woods and paneled walls, creating an antiquated theme.

We've certainly had a lot of fun putting this theme together. In fact, there are so many ways that this style (and many others!) can be created. The most exciting aspect of interior design is that the options are endless, and what is birthed is a result of your imagination. 

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Image 1

  • Vintage Helbros Carriage Clock Quartz: $22
  • 1960s Vintage Cut Glass Decanter & Glass: Made in Italy. $24

Image 2

  • Antique Suitcase Salvaged from Staton Island, 1900s: $59
  • Brown Vintage Luggage: $18
  • Vietnam Helmet, Vintage: $18
  • Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass with Jade Handles: $37
  • Sheet Music Bundles: $3/ea

Image 3

  • Bronzed Figural Banquet Antique Lamp: $347
  • Two Tier Mahogany Vintage Table: $177
  • Vietnam Helmet, Vintage: $18
  • Letter Opener & Magnifying Glass with Jade Handles: $37
  • Black Stainless Steel Flask: $14
  • Italian Cruet with Kork: $18

Image 4

  • Various Hand-Picked & Hand-Crafted Drapes: $100-180




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