Featured Product: Pillow Pups!

Featured Product: Pillow Pups!

Pillow Pups --- Your Local Pup


For years, big time manufacturers have been churning out all kinds of fun pillows from Pillow Pets to Build-a-Bear. These plush toys with a personality have brought many people (children AND grown-ups!) so much joy! 

This is why we're proud to feature our newest project at Bon Vivant Co. --- our very own version of a squishy pet - Pillow Pups! Our Vendor, Rebecca, is the brains behind it all. When she started bringing in these adorable pups, our shoppers went crazy! As time goes on, she continues to create and the collection grows, featuring more and more unique patterns.

Who needs Walmart? Support a local artisan and look out for these cute creatures! 

Oh The Choices! 

With all of the different varieties, you're guaranteed to find a pup you like. The best part about it all? These adorable pets are customizable! You can order any combination of fabric that you can possibility imagine. Want a red velvet pup? Done. How about a series of constellations and stars? Yup. Both? Absolutely.

If this isn't cool enough, you can order different types of dogs. You like pugs? Here's to your new best bed friend. The options are truly limitless!

Product Description 


Pillow Pups are handmade in the beautiful state of North Carolina, by Bon Vivant Co.'s vendor Rebecca Romine. They are crafted with all new cotton fabrics and a poly-fiber fill. They are machine washable but should be air dried with care! 

Each Pup features half-and-half fabric, with a different pattern on each side. They come with a cute collar and a long tail. The ears have a different fabric underneath as well. Feel free to call in order your own unique pillow! 

Call (828) 785-1527 and order yours today. 


Call Bon Vivant Co. if interested in purchasing & for questions about shipping/in-store pickup. 
(828) 785-1527


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