Theme: The Bohemian Cottage

Theme: The Bohemian Cottage

What is this..."Boho"?

"Boho this...boho that." Everyone's into to boho, but what is it anyways? The boho or bohemian style is actually derived from a counterculture that began over 200 years ago. It all started in France after the French Revolution, when those in the aesthetic arts fell into poverty due to lack of support by the wealthy elite. They packed up their things and moved into a traveling lifestyle where they spent as little as possible and toted cheap goods.

This paved the way for a new form of expression: The individual as the piece of art. Over time, the opinion of artists morphed into the belief that they were eccentric intellectuals who showed their artistic merit through their way of life and appearance. 

The conclusion is...bohemian can be whatever you want it to be! It's a form of expression --- an art so to speak, and also a way to display counter-cultural tendencies.


What's in a bohemian home?

In this present day, we may see a bohemian home filled with lots of plants, as bringing plants into the home is healthy and defying the separation between home and mother nature. You might also see an array of colors in decorations, carpets, bedspreads, and so on.

Perhaps there are shelves full of herbs for alternative healing, a stack of books on sustainability or "Do It Yourself" recycled crafts, and vibrant up-cycled furniture. Ultimately it's up to the artist what will be in her canvas of a home, but these ideas express new age ways of existing that contradict common modern ways of living. 


Ok sooo...How do I do it?

Ultimately, it's up to you, but we can certainly offer a couple of pointers!


1. You basically live in Morocco.

Moroccan Hanging Lamp Shade

The little state of Morocco, located in North Africa, is a beautiful modge podge of cultures, welcoming many people from all over the world and accepting many different traditions. This has created a colorful mix of styles and ways of life.

The identity of the country is marked by its plethora of colors in the buildings, inside of homes, in large village markets, and more. Dyes and pigments of every variety can be found, keeping the culture alive and vibrant. 

Inspired by this trend, many goods and ideas from Morocco have been carried over to America, only to be adopted and adored by people desiring more aliveness in their homes. This might include bright patchwork bedspreads, embroidered pillows, and colorful stained-glass lamps. 


2. Plants are cool.


At Bon Vivant, we always have fresh & vibrant house plants coming in - From succulents to jade plants and more! 

Plants aren't JUST cool...They're healthy! Not only do they bring color and life to your home, but they also give you oxygen --- One of the most essential parts of life.

Certain plants will especially thrive indoors while cleansing the air and providing you with a fresh and healthy environment to relax in. Here are a couple of plants that are great for some indoor lovin' ---

Spider Plant: Super easy to grow and a big lover of low, indirect sunlight.

Weeping Fig: It sounds sad, but won't look so sad when it's over 10 feet tall! An excellent air-cleanser and a low maintenance friend. 

Snake Plant: Beautiful AND almost impossible to kill. What more could you want? 

Aloe Vera: Like cacti? Like cacti that you can use to concoct hydrating, vitamin-filled drinks AND apply to sunburn? Sign me up! 

Jade Plant: They say that if you have a jade plant in your home, it will bring you financial abundance! Do we even need to question this one? Nope.

Pothos: These are a particular home favorite. With low lighting and water needs and gorgeous, long green vines, this plant is great for hanging up. 


3. Persian rugs are in.

Vintage Hand-Knotted Persian Carpet

What's all the hype about these Persian rugs? I've only ever seen them in my grandmother's home and they're like $10,000? 

Not anymore! Persian rugs are becoming significantly more popular in modern homes and much more accessible! Not to mention, re-used rugs from thrift stores are usually in excellent condition and much MUCH more affordable than brand new rugs. 

Although many of these style carpets are no longer hand-weaved, they still retain their traditional vibrant patterns and colors that set them apart from other typical carpets. It's rare that you may find two of the same Persian rug! 


4. Weird colors? AND white? 

Our mud paint comes in a variety of colors. It's easy to use AND non-toxic! 

Yes! Definitely. In fact, it's better to have more than one color in a room! Perhaps one wall is periwinkle blue while another is magenta pink. All the better. This also applies to carpets, tiles (on the floors and your kitchen back-plash), curtains, bedspreads, and more. 

Remember, though, you don't want to completely live inside of a rainbow. It can be refreshing to occasionally switch things up with a cooling white. Perhaps your rug radiates every color under the sun but your bedspread is completely white. They will counter-balance each other and creative a refreshing, soothing environment. 


Remember to have fun!

There you have it! Remember, these are just a few suggestions. The reality is, creating a bohemian home will be the result of YOUR artistic imagination. Get creative and have fun doing it!a

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