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DIY Life: The Hanging Mason Jar Light

DIY Life: The Hanging Mason Jar Light
It's incredibly easy to collect hoards of mason jars to use as drinking cups and food storage. They're getting very popular these days! With that being said, here's a little tutorial on how to create your own hanging mason jar light. 

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Top 10 Excursions in Asheville - From Bon Vivant Co.

Top 10 Excursions in Asheville - From Bon Vivant Co.

Ahhh, Asheville. The land of free young souls, the breath-taking blue ridge mountain valley, abundant waterfalls and hikes, and of course, amazing food and shopping. We wanted to share our love for this city and some of our favorite ways to appreciate and enjoy Asheville. 

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Novel Trends: The Modern Farm House

Novel Trends: The Modern Farm House

Let's go back to a time when most people lived on farms. What comes to mind? "Ahhhh...." Fresh air, rolling fields and open landscapes, restfulness. 

The question is, how can this be done without a whole home makeover? You're feeling like something needs to change, but you don't want to go all the way into a house renovation or a bank-breaking shopping spree. 

Luckily, there's a way to achieve the Modern Farm House look with very little money! Here are a couple of thrifty ideas.

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Homeing 101: How to Style a Shelf

Homeing 101: How to Style a Shelf


You're flipping through your monthly "Home Living" magazine and of course...everything is beautiful. You look around your own house and sigh. My house looks nice, but...not THAT cute. First you look down at the photo, then up at your nearby console shelf, then back down. Comparing comparing comparing and racking your brain over how YOU can get that look too. There's no way, you think. I can't spend a fortune on decorations! 

Fortunately, we have news for you. First of all, your house probably already looks WAY better than you think. After all, everyone's their own worst critic; and second, your home doesn't have to look like the photos! In fact, it shouldn't. The environment you live in should be a reflection of your own unique personality. 

With that being said, here are some guidelines on how to decorate your shelves using your own style. Shelving is important because it is often times what draws the attention of the eye. While a room should be minimalist and simple, a shelf is where all of the action is. Instead of using it for storage, use it has a display piece; an art form. 

 1. Extinguish the clutter! 

This is just a general, over-arching rule that everyone should follow. As described in our article Novel Trends: The Eastern Inspired Home, "The more clutter there is, the more we will feel tied down. Disorganization and clutter creates a stagnation of energy, stopping us from moving forward with freedom and an abundance-mindset."

While collecting clutter is easy, letting it go is even more fun! If you haven't done much of this, try it and you may find that it feels better than ever. Having a minimalist and clean space creates a feeling of ease and peace. In general, it also fosters an atmosphere that is welcoming and attractive to guests! 

2. Take some time to re-evaluate.

If you're interested in this article, it may be because you're thinking about "re-branding" your home, so-to-speak. Look around and ask yourself, do you like how things appear right now? Take into consideration: the room layout, furniture, and current decorations. How do you feel about it? 

Here are some ideas: Maybe you need to spend a few hours re-arranging furniture. Perhaps there is something you want to donate to free up space or maybe you'll want to go on a thrifty shopping spree in search of cheap, quality decorations. Either way, all of these options are little to no cost and will leave you feeling accomplished.

Evaluating the overall look of your space before honing in on the minute shelf details is essential to creating the look you want. This way, instead of expanding outward, you can decorate based on the look of an entire room. 

3. What's a good theme?

Okay, so you're honing it in and you've created the layout that feels right. Now, let's get to the shelf decorating already! 

While mismatching and modge podging is fun, you may want to consider creating an overall theme and feel. It can be the same throughout the house or different from room to room. 

Walk around and envision what you want to see. Say you're in your kitchen...What colors will look best? What kind of feel are you going for? 

Here are a couple of examples:

  • A minimalist room might have mostly white and tan colors with a splash of peach. Throw a couple of plants in there, minimize clutter, and you've got a look! 
  • A Japanese-inspired room could portray a lot of dark earthy tones like deep burgundy reds, forest greens, and mountainous browns. A space like this may be adorned with bamboo furniture pieces and porcelain glassware. 
  • A modern city room may display flat, bold colors such as navy blue, grey, and sunset orange. The decor will be centered around what you'd see in a modern scholar's room - books, metallic sculptures, and maybe a world map print that takes up most of one wall. 

Of course, these are all just examples. Your options are limitless!  

Another money-saving idea is, if you don't want to go out and buy new furniture, you can just re-paint yours! This is a great way to get creative and make anything your mind can imagine. We also highly recommend two awesome furniture up-cyclist in Asheville, NC who do commissioned projects: Vignettes of North Carolina and ReFabulous. They do an amazing job and will make the piece that you desire! 

Go thrifting! 

While this has already been mentioned, let's re-iterate...Go thrifting! It's amazing how inexpensive some things really are. One person's trash is another person's treasure and you may just stumble upon that one cool item you'll be looking for for years. Who knows?

Your personality is the most important.

This is self-explanatory. Your personality is the most important element in decorating a shelf. Forget copying magazine or blog photos and make it your own! Yes, these are excellent for inspiration, but ultimately you'll be more satisfied at the end of the day if you've made something unique to you.

Mixing and matching is a great way to go as well. Gather what you have around the house and put it all in one place. From there, pick out what you like and arrange them in whatever way feels right. There's no wrong way to go here because...guess what? It's not permanent. 

Group and layer.

This is a great specific instruction for shelf decorating. There are many different ways to group and layer decorations on a shelf depending on what you're going for. Here are some examples:

  • Symmetrical: Place two tall and matching items on either end of the surface. Then place a smaller, more eye-catching piece in the center.
  • Centered: Group a collection of tall and short items into the center of the surface. 
  • Off-Set: Stack items onto books on one end and then illuminate with a lamp on the other end.
  • Cascading: Place a picture frame against the wall in the back and then place taller to shorter items cascading from back to front. 

Again, the options are limitless

Keep adjusting & ask your friends.

Maybe you think your shelving work looks good. Spend a day feeling it out. Go about your regular activities while taking the occasional glace at the shelf. Not feeling it after 24 hours? Switch it up!

It can be difficult to do your own decorating since you're probably biased toward your own work! This is where friends come in. Invite a friend over and ask what he or she thinks about it. Constructive criticism is always welcome! 




We hope this has been helpful! Feel free to check out our online selection of decor. We ship any and all items! 

Curated Art Decor


Novel Trends: The Bohemian Cottage

Novel Trends: The Bohemian Cottage

What is this..."Boho"?

"Boho this...boho that." Everyone's into to boho, but what is it anyways? The boho or bohemian style is actually derived from a counterculture that began over 200 years ago. It all started in France after the French Revolution, when those in the aesthetic arts fell into poverty due to lack of support by the wealthy elite. They packed up their things and moved into a traveling lifestyle where they spent as little as possible and toted cheap goods.

This paved the way for a new form of expression: The individual as the piece of art. Over time, the opinion of artists morphed into the belief that they were eccentric intellectuals who showed their artistic merit through their way of life and appearance. 

The conclusion is...bohemian can be whatever you want it to be! It's a form of expression --- an art so to speak, and also a way to display counter-cultural tendencies.


What's in a bohemian home?

In this present day, we may see a bohemian home filled with lots of plants, as bringing plants into the home is healthy and defying the separation between home and mother nature. You might also see an array of colors in decorations, carpets, bedspreads, and so on.

Perhaps there are shelves full of herbs for alternative healing, a stack of books on sustainability or "Do It Yourself" recycled crafts, and vibrant up-cycled furniture. Ultimately it's up to the artist what will be in her canvas of a home, but these ideas express new age ways of existing that contradict common modern ways of living. 


Ok sooo...How do I do it?

Ultimately, it's up to you, but we can certainly offer a couple of pointers!


1. You basically live in Morocco.

Moroccan Hanging Lamp Shade

The little state of Morocco, located in North Africa, is a beautiful modge podge of cultures, welcoming many people from all over the world and accepting many different traditions. This has created a colorful mix of styles and ways of life.

The identity of the country is marked by its plethora of colors in the buildings, inside of homes, in large village markets, and more. Dyes and pigments of every variety can be found, keeping the culture alive and vibrant. 

Inspired by this trend, many goods and ideas from Morocco have been carried over to America, only to be adopted and adored by people desiring more aliveness in their homes. This might include bright patchwork bedspreads, embroidered pillows, and colorful stained-glass lamps. 


2. Plants are cool.


At Bon Vivant, we always have fresh & vibrant house plants coming in - From succulents to jade plants and more! 

Plants aren't JUST cool...They're healthy! Not only do they bring color and life to your home, but they also give you oxygen --- One of the most essential parts of life.

Certain plants will especially thrive indoors while cleansing the air and providing you with a fresh and healthy environment to relax in. Here are a couple of plants that are great for some indoor lovin' ---

Spider Plant: Super easy to grow and a big lover of low, indirect sunlight.

Weeping Fig: It sounds sad, but won't look so sad when it's over 10 feet tall! An excellent air-cleanser and a low maintenance friend. 

Snake Plant: Beautiful AND almost impossible to kill. What more could you want? 

Aloe Vera: Like cacti? Like cacti that you can use to concoct hydrating, vitamin-filled drinks AND apply to sunburn? Sign me up! 

Jade Plant: They say that if you have a jade plant in your home, it will bring you financial abundance! Do we even need to question this one? Nope.

Pothos: These are a particular home favorite. With low lighting and water needs and gorgeous, long green vines, this plant is great for hanging up. 


3. Persian rugs are in.

Vintage Hand-Knotted Persian Carpet

What's all the hype about these Persian rugs? I've only ever seen them in my grandmother's home and they're like $10,000? 

Not anymore! Persian rugs are becoming significantly more popular in modern homes and much more accessible! Not to mention, re-used rugs from thrift stores are usually in excellent condition and much MUCH more affordable than brand new rugs. 

Although many of these style carpets are no longer hand-weaved, they still retain their traditional vibrant patterns and colors that set them apart from other typical carpets. It's rare that you may find two of the same Persian rug! 


4. Weird colors? AND white? 

Our mud paint comes in a variety of colors. It's easy to use AND non-toxic! 

Yes! Definitely. In fact, it's better to have more than one color in a room! Perhaps one wall is periwinkle blue while another is magenta pink. All the better. This also applies to carpets, tiles (on the floors and your kitchen back-plash), curtains, bedspreads, and more. 

Remember, though, you don't want to completely live inside of a rainbow. It can be refreshing to occasionally switch things up with a cooling white. Perhaps your rug radiates every color under the sun but your bedspread is completely white. They will counter-balance each other and creative a refreshing, soothing environment. 


Remember to have fun!

There you have it! Remember, these are just a few suggestions. The reality is, creating a bohemian home will be the result of YOUR artistic imagination. Get creative and have fun doing it!a

Up & Coming Trends of 2018

Up & Coming Trends of 2018

With each new year comes a freshness - like a clean slate or canvas ready to be painted on! In the world of interior design, this means brand new home decor ideas. As we all know, the home is a reflection of you and your unique personality. It is a way to meld your inner experience with the environment that you can call your own. How do you want your friends and family to feel during gatherings? How do you want yourself or your family to feel after a long day of work? This all depends on your vision! 

Out With the Old
With that being said, 2017 had a very specific vibe. The design trends of this year featured a mod podge of various ideas pulled together from different eras including the industrial revolution AND the early 1900's. While a little sporadic, it came together to create a surprisingly refined look. This look includes sharp corners, box-like shapes, consistency, and neatness. We would probably call it Modern Industrial. In your friend's apartment you may have observed brass or bronze ceiling lights, plainly colored walls, simple but sparse colorful accents, and prevalent black and white schemes. Let's not forget the extreme minimalism! 

Something New?
Although this was nice while it lasted, 2018 is ready for something else ... some NEW! Based on what many have shown interest in over the past couple of months, experts are getting a glimpse at what the newest trends will be. While there's no distinct name for it yet, we're thinking it'll be a 70's modern with an earthy twist! What should we call this? Let's call it Earthy Late Century. 

This is certainly a unique look. To give you an idea, it seems very similar to the bohemian or gypsy-style home. Here's a list of features that could potentially create the Earthy Late Century look.

  • A lack of sharp edges
  • Curved furniture (especially sofas) 
  • Earth tone colors all around - maroons, deep greens, light browns, and so on.
  • Lot's of PERSONALITY! 
  • 1970's-style artwork
  • Bamboo curtains 
  • Shag carpets and blankets
  • Plants galore
  • Mid-century chandeliers

This is a blend as it incorporates a basic 70's style home with popular modern color schemes. The color trends 60 yeas ago included bright yellows, pinks, blues, and greens. While this was cool at the time, people of today are seeking something a little more mellow and perhaps something that makes them feel closer to nature. 

Furniture & Decor Ideas
We have several pieces that can help you create the up and coming 2018 look. These pieces feature natural curves, earthy colors, colorful accents, and a true 70's look! 

Modern Glass Top Side Table White Base
This modern glass-top table comes with a 70's-style curved base in white. A round glass top in mounted on top. Excellent as a plant stand or couch-side table.
Emerald and Gold Bombay Accent Table
Simple turquoise-blue upcycled console table. Sit flush against a wall with a curve along the front edge. Accented with gold on the feet and the handle. Has some intentional black distress marks along the front edge. In like-new condition.
Moroccan Hanging Lamp Shade
Moroccan-style hanging lamp shade, crafted from brass, copper, and tin. Features etchings throughout and colored glass for the light to shine through. Does not include a light. Works well with a long-corded bulb or large candle. In good condition.
Carlo Nason Floor Lamp, 1970's
This retro floor lamp features a hand-blown white glass body and chrome base. The entire body of the lamp lights up. Designed during the 1970's by Carlo Nason, a mid-century glass expert and designer. In excellent condition.

Christmas Decor Galore!

Christmas Decor Galore!

At Bon Vivant Co. we love to keep up with the changing seasons and holidays. It's always a pleasure to see what our vendors have in store for what's coming next. 

We watch as our shop transforms into a festive gallery -- vendors come in to switch out their old goodies for fresh new decorations, perfect for adorning your home.

Check out what we have so far for this Christmas season! 


It seems like every day there's a new holiday doll adorably sitting upon a cushiony surface or wooden side table. They're saying, "Hey! Look at this rare china over here!" or "Check out how cool this couch is." They certainly add some personality in here!

We have several beautifully embroidered and creatively dressed elf dolls along with some festive penguins and a gorgeous traditional Saint Nicholas figure.

Who doesn't love pillows? Three birds, one stone: Comfortable, festive, and colorful!

You might want to see our entire selection of holiday pillows if you're wanting your guests to feel cozy and full of holiday spirit!

Want to decorate your Christmas tree but tired of using the same old ornaments every single year? 

We have some special ornaments, many of which are handmade. As we draw closer to the holidays, you bet we'll be seeing more and more of these clever crafts. 

Also, this tree-top angel isn't just any angel...her wings light up and sparkle!

Why yes...This IS an (almost) life-sized Santa. Unless he's a litter shorter than we anticipated?

Perfect for surprising your guests when they come to the front door or for starting a "Where the heck did that come from?" conversation over appetizers. 

If you're wanting to uniquely decorate your home with class and color, check out our huge collection of winter faux foliage. 

Berries, pine tree branches, glitter-painted leaves, sparkley apples, greenery, and more! Feel free to mix and match. 

This is where you can get creative. Two gorgeous foliage vases on either side of your front door? Table-top or mantle adornments? It's up to you! 

A wreath is a simple and elegant way to bring some winter cheer into your home. This handcrafted faux wreath will last you forever and can be mounted outside or inside.

Throw some lights on it while you're at it! 


Stay tuned as more and more holiday inventory continues to roll in. Our wonderful vendors are endlessly creative!
Check out our entire selection at the store --- 9 Reed St., Asheville NC 28803

What's New at Bon Vivant Co. --- November

What's New at Bon Vivant Co. --- November

If you've ever been into Bon Vivant Co., you know that no day is ever the same. With a little over twenty vendors, we have a plethora of diverse inventory from European antiques to interesting oddities to to up-cycled furniture. We're incredibly fortunate to have such a diverse group of individuals who all contribute to making this store special and keeping things fresh. 

With that being said, we want to keep you up to date with the coolest items that we have available in November! Sometimes they're hard to find and hidden away in the midst of everything else. Coming here is a kind of like a treasure hunt! So here are some item features. (We want to make sure they have the spotlight too...)



Asian Geisha Composite Lamp, 1950s

Intricately carved lamp base, featuring two geisha women side by side surrounded by tall flowers. The detailed sculpture sits on a black wooden stool with oriental carvings along the edges. The lamp works and is excellent condition.
Measurements: 3" L x 4 1/2 W x 15" H 






Original Oil Painting - Calvin Waller Burnett

Interesting original oil painting by American artist Calvin Waller Burnett. Appears to be a man playing the guitar, with interested textures and shapes throughout. In excellent condition. Framed in a hazelnut brown wood and signed by the artist.
Measurements: 1" L x 25" W x 31 1/2" H 





Porthole Mirror

This interesting mirror was created using a brass ship's porthole! Great for starting conversations. The porthole maintains its original bolts around the outer edge, which have been cut off and smoothed in the back. The two screws on the bottom loosen and fold down, and the piece opens up the way it once did as a window! The mirror itself has a few blemishes on the face.
Measurements: 11 1/4" in diameter / 2" L 





Furry Animal Original Watercolor

This original watercolor depicts a simple, gray furry animal on a white background. Is it a dog? A cat? A bunny? Who knows? Displayed with a black background and a matching black frame. Has some scratches around the frame. Signed by the artist.
Measurements: 1/2" L x 15 1/2" W x 18" H 






Original Watercolor on Agate Framed Piece

Original piece of art by artist Genevieve Dixon, featuring a piece of agate mounted onto a board and adorned with the water-colored image of the sea. Includes a cluster of adventurine as the green foliage and pieces of moonstone as the seaweed. Signed by the artist on the front and back, and framed in a simple raw wood.

Measurements: 2" L x 12" W x 10" H 



Sheep Farm Original Painting - B.B. McNeil, 1969

Beautiful colorful original painting portraying a sheep herder and his sheep walking down along the lakeside in a small down village. The artist did a wonderful job painting the imagery of this scene, with tall luscious mountains and pristine blue water. Framed in a light tan wooden structure and signed by the artist.

Measurements: 1" L x 25" W x 21" H 

Whimsical NC Artisan-Made Miniature Log Cabin

Adorable miniature log cabin, artisan-crafted using native North Carolina materials - twigs, rocks, and more! It truly resembles a real cabin, with an unlatching front door, a small copper pipe for the chimney, and all-natural materials. Crafted with love!


Measurements: 8" L x 11" W x 10" H 

"Bear Times" Pyrography

This unique piece featuring an image of bears, crafted by medium of pyrography, or "fire writing." Pyrography is the art of creating images from burn marks with a controlled heating application. Must be very carefully done! It is an original piece, signed by the artist Juhree Bassett. The back lists more details on the art medium and about the piece itself.

Measurements: 1 1/2" L x 16" W / 18 1/2" H 

Driftwood Mirror

Stunning round mirror, carefully pieced together by hand and featuring hundreds of individual driftwood pieces. This is a beautiful piece to hang above a fireplace. Very reminiscent of the ocean. The mirror is pristine and the pieces are held together very well. The wood is mounted together on a black plastic plate and has a hook on the back for easy mounting.
Measurements: 28" in diameter / 4" L 






 Beautiful Wood-Carved Asian 4-Panel Folding Screen

Stunning oriental-style green, hand-crafted from a solid wood and exemplifying intricate details. The carvings display Chinese flowers, birds, and ancient scenes with an elderly man by a pagoda. The hinges are brass and the screen folds and unfolds very well. A gorgeous addition to any room.
Measurements: 1" L x 71" W x 71" H 



Seafoam Green Lamp

Tall, Victorian-style lamp, painted with a turquoise, seafoam green and trimmed in gold. The body of the lamp has a thin center and a rounded top and base. Two identical brass and painted brass lamps are in excellent original condition. One lamp is missing the decorative leaf on top.
Measurements: 8" in diameter / 37" H 

Novel Trends: The Eastern-Inspired Home

Novel Trends: The Eastern-Inspired Home
The moral of the story is...more is LESS! Keep what you own down to the very essentials, and then build up from there with a select few special decorative items and plenty of plants.

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Fall is Here! --- Featuring Vignettes

Fall is Here! --- Featuring Vignettes

Fall has arrived --- Yep, that's right!

One of the most loved and favored seasons, this time of year adorns our senses with the yummy scents of cinnamon and cider and decorates the hills with an array of reds, oranges, and yellows. Not to mention, that crisp Autumn air is so very refreshing! 


This is the time of year where we start to feel the need to cleanse and clear our homes. As we gear up for winter, we want to make sure we have a cozy home for staying warm --- so we prepare with rearranging, de-cluttering, deep cleaning, and most importantly... DECORATING!

These October and November months are filled with so much goodness...Halloween and Thanksgiving in particular. As we approach the colder months, the festivities also we're probably feeling the decorating itch. 


This month we are featuring one of our very own vendors at Bon Vivant Co. --- Vignettes!

Deena is endlessly clever and always keeping things fresh and in tune with the time of year. Just recently, her booth transformed from Summer into Autumn in a matter of hours. Wow! Things are sure looking great. 

She recently brought in several faux cornucopia, which she claims are excellent hostess gifts.'s true! Looking at these beautiful bouquets of white pumpkins, glitter, and autumn leaves, it's easy to envision them in a friend's home foyer.

These pieces, with their delicate balance of reds, egg shell whites, and deep earthy oranges can warm up a space in an instant. Their best placement is probably in your home entryway so they can immediately set the vibe as your friends are welcomed in!   


While the cornucopia reminds us of November, there is definitely no shortage of Halloween decorations! Her decor is simple, sweet, and creates the feeling that this spooky holiday is on its way!

Deena's Halloween decorations feature comedic black cats, a shabby chic banner perfect for hanging on your front door, sparkly spiders and crows, and even a few Halloween tales.

It's certainly the perfect way to decorate your home for Halloween in a cute and refreshing way. As you know, it's easy to go all out...way out there for the 31st of October.



You'll want to check out this adorable booth before Halloween is here and prepare for the holiday season...It's coming quick!

Enjoy the spooky parties and family festivities!
---Bon Vivant Co.